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Welcome to the internet site of www.jeepriderscozumeltours.com collectively known as the “Site”. Use made of this Site is expressly conditioned to the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. When you use this site you state your consent to the Terms and Conditions. www.jeepriderscozumeltours.com holds the right to add or modify the Terms and Conditions at any moment. All terms supplemented or modified will cause an effect at the moment these are updated. Constant use of this site even after publication of the changes done to the Terms and Conditions will mean you accept said changes. Please return periodically to this page to check any changes.


For all effects and purposes of the Terms and Conditions herein established, the following definitions will be considered: Operator. – The company (www.jeepriderscozumeltours.com) that engages and/or acts as Operator through its reservation services for the benefit of a User-­Tourist tourist services directly supplied by the Provider. (Hereinafter referred to as “]Jeep Riders Cozumel”). www.jeepriderscozumeltours.com – Web page of Jeep Riders Cozumel acting as intermediary and as reservations engine offering the User or Tourist through Internet different tourist services supplied directly by the Provider (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”). USER-TOURIST. – Person that temporarily travels and/or uses www.jeepriderscozumeltours.com in order to make use of its mediation services and the reservations engine of Jeep Riders Cozumel aiming to enjoy any of the tourist services directly supplied by the Provider (hereinafter referred to as “You”). PROVIDER. – Company or individual who directly provides tourist services to the User-­Tourist, whether engages, reserved or acquired through the latter by the mediation and reservations engine of the www.jeepriderscozumeltours.com site.


You state under oath, appearing by your own volition and right, and/or through your legal representative, that you are a company or individual, of legal age, capable, and with means enough or with the financial capacity to be bound under these Terms and Conditions, as well as your interest to acquire the mediation and reservations herein specified, thus you contact Jeep Riders Cozumel to serve as provider and intermediary between you and direct Providers of tourist services.

You hereby state under oath that you acknowledge the services provided by Jeep Riders Cozumel and its Site consist ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY OF MEDIATION AND THE PROVIDER BETWEEN YOU AND THE DIRECT PROVIDER OF SERVICES. Jeepriderscozumeltours states (a) to be a corporation duly organized under the Mexican laws; (b) to have authorization from the Ministry of Tourism to render the service as an operator; (c) that its address is 80th. Avenue with Morelos street, Cuzamil neighborhood, Z.C. 77667 in Cozumel, Quintana Roo; (d) that its corporate purpose consists in the power to: act as intermediary and provider for the reservation of spaces in the transportation means and serve as intermediary between tourists and any sort of transportation service providers; (e) that upon the foregoing Statements, accepts the Terms and Conditions.


The purpose is the existing MEDIATION between Jeep Riders Cozumel, you and providers, where, for the effects and purposes of these Terms and Conditions, jeepriderscozumeltours will exclusively act as INTERMEDIARY AND PROVIDER, whereas through its Site it will provide you by way of illustration rather than limitation, the tour reservation services, amongst others. Hence, once reservations have been confirmed by Jeep Riders Cozumel obtaining the tourist services you have chosen (depending availability), the meditation services from Jeep Riders Cozumel given that the tourist services for you will be through Providers and Jeep Riders Cozumel.


jeepriderscozumeltours grants use of the Site in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. You must use this site only to make or buy legitimate reservations, and for no other purpose; included and unlimitedly speculative, false or fraudulent reservations. This Site and the contents herein, by way of illustration rather than limitation: texts, paragraphs, headings, specific combination of words of letters or phonetic and graphic elements, icons, brands, logos, graphic design, photos, commercial advertisement, patents, business method, specific combinations of colors and forms, editorial material, printed forms, search forms, digital downloads, data gathering, font codes, software, are exclusively proprietary of Jeep Riders Cozumel, or is the holder of Licenses and Authorizations for the use thereof, therefore you are not allowed to copy, reproduce, re-­?publish, upload, modify, transmit or distribute said contents without first having written authorization from Jeep Riders Cozumel.


Regardless of the country you come from, you hereby affirm to have enough legal age to use this site, to subscribe and be bound to these Terms and Conditions as well as to assume legal responsibilities that tie you with any liability incurred into in this Site. You understand that you will be economically responsible for the use of this Site as well as those who use your information to access it.


The rates shown in the web Site are valid only at the moment the quote is given. Rates will apply for the respective charge only in the event you reserve the desired services, otherwise said rates could change. A reservation is considered as completed when you have a confirmation number and the respective charge has been applied. At the time the reservation is made, you authorize us, in writing and/or verbally, to sue your credit card number t make the respective charges, and expressly confirm your knowledge and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions as well as Jeep Riders Cozumel’ policies. All reservations are subject to availability at the moment your request is processed. In order to avoid setbacks, print the respective pre- payment and present it at the moment you ask for the service as in the meeting site you will have to pay the difference of the service in cash.


When choosing any of the tours offered in our page, in order to consider the service as reserved, you must make a 10% deposit through PayPal and the remainder will be paid cash at the meeting site.


You, must inform all cancellation requests in writing, to jeepriderscozumeltours@gmail.com

If you wish to change or cancel your reservation, you must report it 24 hours in advance. When due to reasons beyond your control you do not show to your tour, jeepriderscozumeltours will return your deposit. If you do not inform during the specified cancellation period, there will be no refund.

When cancellation applies to the service, refunds will be made within 3 business days to the account you provide by e-mail.


You will answer for damages to Jeep Riders Cozumel resulting from misuse or incorrect use that you make of the Site or of any fraudulent operation or whose intentions are contrary to the services provided through the site or those that are against the Laws and Regulations in effect and applicable.

Jeepriderscozumeltours assumes the responsibility to respect the schedules specified for each of the tours in order for you to enjoy the service at full.


The Laws of the State of Quintana Roo will govern these Terms and Conditions. You hereby state to know the scope of this Contract, whose Terms and Conditions are the expression of your own volition and in the event of breach or the interpretation hereof, parties will abide to the competence of the Federal Consumer Protection Agency, as per administrative statutes, and as conciliatory entity to solve arising differences.

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