Caminata Histórica en Cozumel y Almuerzo Mexicano

Caminata Histórica en Cozumel y Almuerzo Mexicano

Our 3-hour Cozumel History Walking Tour and Mexican Lunch will insure that you get beyond the beaches to explore the island. Tour the city and stop by a guided tequila tasting and lunch at a local restaurant. Visit key downtown landmarks in San Miguel Cozumel, tour the exhibits at the Island Museum, and hear stories about life on a picturesque Caribbean island. This 3-hour tour is limited to 12 people for a personalized experience.


  • Gran visión general de la costa y el centro de la ciudad
  • Ver monumentos y lugares de interés locales, y visitar el Museo de la isla
  • Degustación de tequila incluida
  • Almuerzo en el restaurante la Choza
  • Tour de 3 horas a pie por Cozumel
Walking Tour Cozumel
Monument Cozumel Tours

At 10:30am you will make your way to a central location in downtown Cozumel, and meet your guide for a Cozumel walking tour with a local perspective. Start by taking in the key sites around the waterfront and downtown. From the Monument of Two Cultures to the Mestizaje Monument that celebrates Cozumel’s mixed cultural heritage. Throughout the tour, take advantage of your time with a local guide who is there to answer any questions you might have about the history of Cozumel, local culture, and the things you see along the way.

You will have a chance to learn about tequila history and taste some samples of Mexico’s most iconic spirit. After checking out the tequila tour, you’re off to see the Island Museum and check out its exhibits covering history, ecology, and culture. Continue walking to the main plaza in downtown Cozumel. Here you’ll find the Mexican flag monument, the Cozumel Clock Tower, and the island’s first City Hall. As a grand finale, wrap up the tour at The La Choza Restaurant, relaxing over a Cozumel-style lunch and refreshments.


  • Botellas de Agua
  • Almuerzo
  • Guia Profesional
  • Degustación y tour de tequila
  • Entrada Al Museo de la Isla
  • Propinas
  • Recogida y regreso al hotel o al muelle
  • Bebidas en el Restaurante




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